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Bump group pregnancy midwives

                         is designed to encourage you to have an active role in your prenatal care, provide group support and facilitate education in an open and comfortable setting. The overall goal is to help you feel a greater sense of empowerment and self-confidence in your ability to care for your body and your family.


Your                        meets each month, beginning around the fourth month of pregnancy. As your due date approaches, your group will meet every two weeks until your delivery. We have included a schedule of your sessions and a place for you to document your individual office appointments, ultrasounds and due date. It is important that the sessions begin and end on time. Since you have the dates in advance, please schedule your work and child care needs around your planned sessions.


                         provides all necessary prenatal care that you would get through traditional care. As a                          member, you will also have more time with your provider to discuss educational topics and ways to help families plan for the arrival of a new baby. As a                                         member, you do not need to enroll in separate childbirth, breastfeeding or parenting classes, unless you are planning on learning a specific method (like hypnobirthing or the Bradley method). Insurance carriers consider group care to be equal to routine prenatal care, so there will be no difference in how you are billed for group care.

Bump Group Pregnant Midwife
Bump Group Pregnancy Doctor
Bump Group Pregnancy Ob GYN
BUMP Group pregnant OB GYn Doctor
BUMP Group pregnancy OB GYN midwife

All sessions include:

• Private time with provider to check Baby’s heartbeat, position, & to measure Mom’s belly

• Self-care: Moms record blood pressure & weight

• Breathing & relaxation

• Snacks and social time

• Interactive discussions & activities centered on nutrition, birth plans, comfort measures during labor, infant care & postpartum issues

• Sharing pregnancy problems & solutions

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